Now I Understand

Written by: Robert Moore

Now I Understand

Seventy low-humidity degrees
An ever-slight breeze
I am on dad’s back porch
His man cave was outside
He loved this screened-in porch
Fifty feet long by twelve feet wide
It’s a great day of solitude for the mind
Sausage and eggs breakfast by my side
Dad was always here for peace and quiet.
Now I understand!

When I was here with him, it was never this peaceful
Always family running in and out
Saturday football games on the porch
The leaves floating down
The quiet solitude he enjoyed escaped those days
Replaced by the joys of family noise.
Now I understand!

On a table away from any rain, he kept a Bible
That wasn’t his only one
He had one in the family room by the recliner
I read to him from the one on his nightstand
For two years, this was my greatest joy.
They had things in common
All New King James – his favorite
All large print
All highlighted and worn.
Now I understand!

Today, this is my borrowed man cave, it feels great
Birds are chirping
An airplane passes overhead
Cars occasionally pass by over yonder
None of them can be seen
Just sounds of nature blending with man
Now I understand!

What will I do with no one here?
What would dad do?
A big glass of ice water
Bible in hand
Prayer and meditation
Enjoy the peace and tranquility
Even as the breeze picks up
Sending a chill and dangling the wind chimes 
Adding to the gentle fall sounds. 
Now I understand!

Today is going to be a great day!
They all are!
Now I understand!