In the Library at Poets House

Written by: Matthew Anish

I am surrounded by 
tens of thousands of 
volumes of verse here
Chinese, Japanese ,Jewish and 
just about every ethnic group is represented here 
Spoke with the librarian 
She said she is too busy to find the 
time to write 
Well, I have some time so 
I am sitting down and writing this verse 
I post regularly on 
I have had 5 odes published in the New York Times 
Well. I need a new (female) lover 
I have prospects 
but my messed up 
insides require attention 
I will make a nice dinner tonight 
and pray my stomach will be alright 
Her I am at Poets House 
Let people scoff!
We versifiers know our real worth 
The members of the thousand and one creeds 
out there fighting 
would do well to visit Poets House 
Where one can find peace and poetic masterpieces 
from many differnt lands and cultures