Perfect Imperfections

Written by: Kevin Shaw

Perfect Imperfections

Those perfect imperfections define you,
Making you perfectly special to me.
Annoyances, nuances part of your makeup,
Personal flaws make you flawless to me.
We give each other freedom and space,
Not suffocating or pinning either of us down.
Living independent lives together,
Our unqualified union of genuine love.

On the surface, we appear incompatible,
Nothing binds us closely in common.
Sharing separate interests together,
Different likes, Different dislikes and taste.

My perfect imperfections define me,
Making me perfectly special to you.
Anxieties, frustration, just part of my DNA,
Personal faults make me faultless to you.

Thirty-five years spent together, 
Barely disagreement, quarrel or fight,
Thank God for our perfect imperfections,
We are perfect and so much in love.