The Way In

Written by: Thvia Shetley

A fire burns orange and bright
in stark contrast against 
the black Bohemian sky,

crackling hard over sounds
of a furious pen scratching 
coffee stained parchment,

pausing to stoke flames, 
reflect inward, and slurp
crudely a harsh, smoky brew.

Breathing in deep the 
bitter, caffeinated aroma,
choking, expelling forth; 

returning its essence
in a visceral act 
of vulgar gratitude.

With a deep groan
his broken body relaxes
while a gust of salty air 

tousles the long, black hair 
free beneath a headscarf
of deep reds and blacks 

mirroring the gritty color
palette so salient
in his art and aura.

Annoyance sits heavy
on his weathered face, 
knotted like the cut wood

burning hot and fierce
in destructive release
of the flaring ire within.

What secrets lie bare
in that leather 
bound journal?

What surly words 
spill forth from 
fountain ink and fury?

Is he looking for a way out?
Or, by his own words,
does he seek the way in?