Written by: JAN ALLISON

The medics said they would do all they could, but had told me to prepare me for the worst case scenario as you were in serious fetal distress. I was physically and emotionally drained but with one final push you emerged into the world ... but the only one who was screaming and crying was me. Bitter tears burned my cheeks as I looked at your rosebud mouth and counted your tiny fingers and toes. I cradled you for hours and that night you lay next to my bed in a cuddle cot until a man in a black coat came to take you to the chapel of rest. My arms ached to hold you and my empty heart was hollow as a drum. Born sleeping, yet the angels danced on the day that you were born as they welcomed you with open arms. grey granite gravestone pink floral teddy bear wreath grieving parents weep FICTION POEM for Angels Danced Poetry Contest Sponsored by LuLoo checked with how many syllables 5,7,5 8/30/19