My Medallion Morn

Written by: Lu Loo

your soft crimson ink pours into rivers,
along shores of tenderness I seek nothing
but your adoration-
fair minded and strapped in with kindness;
my soul no longer scarred from wounds
too deep to heal-
for it was fate, my love;
you carried me over bridges when my fear
crippled me to the point I wanted to give up-
sacrificed your light for me,
for in your darkness I can only hope to be
what you need me to be-
                      the woman you truly deserve

and as I drown in the ebon sky only my mind
knows of,
I can sense your essence following me in the
mist of the cool October rain-
tears     f
                              yet I know-
you will wipe them away with your love;
when I paint the sky with solitude, your
smile shadows it with yellow
          (light shines like a medallion morn)

beneath curious gazes,
    a true love that amazes;
without a past tense in mind,
    true love we did find

Original date written: August 20, 2019