A Good Show

Written by: Trudi Lee Richards

Sitting in the audience
behind my eyes
content with my popcorn
i watch myself and
my all fellow actors
perform our epic drama
I’m not sure what to call it
tragicomedy perhaps
here on the world stage

Our script is sparkling
trenchant and deep
the characters so real,
and we have the most convincing
props and scenery -
mountains of joy
rivers of seduction
flamingos of silly hopes
kangaroos of impulse
heroes of grim determination
clouds of possibility
chasms of loss

I am especially charmed
that not only all the other people
but all the things - cars,
houses, trees, baseballs,
thunderclouds, etc. -
everything in fact -
is every bit as alive 
as I am myself
with my bit part 
no longer the tragic heroine
in her gashed black silk
just the cat
in a puddle of sunlight