Written by: JAN ALLISON

You promised me that you’d abstain but all your words were just in vain You’re addicted to drugs, it filled me with pain as you claimed your demons had been slain The addiction was great, couldn’t be contained and our joint bank account was quickly drained You got sacked by work, couldn’t hold down a job sadly your need for a fix forced you to rob All of my jewelry vanished, you took it to pawn Precious family heirlooms that I’d seldom worn I’d see flecks of white power under your nose guess our marriage breakdown added to your woes With heroins vice like grip I can’t compete now you’re destined to live life on the street Eight Word Challenge Poetry Contest required words addicted, slain, demons, vain, abstain, woes, destined, drained Sponsored by Emile Pinet 8/5/19