Bullies Come in Mad and Mean

Written by: Caren Krutsinger

They come in mad and mean, yelling and screaming
Scaring the office workers, and terrifying their children
Who grow up thinking coming in mad, yelling and screaming
is normal.  
Sorry. It is not.

We work in a school. We know who they are.
They are the ones who write us the hate letters.
They are the ones who call us at home shrieking 
They threaten us with lawsuits.
Big bullies raise little bullies

Yes, you have heard it and I mean it.
I once asked a mother and father to stop letting 
The teenage cousins beat their eight-year-old up.
That’s good for him, the dad told me. It toughens him up.
Sure it was, good until he was dead.

Bullying is a way for those who are enraged,
And angry due to complete and utter sadness to get their kicks.
It is a way for the ones who have been kicked to do the kicking.
Rape, and murder is justified by these little bullies when they grow up
To become big bullies.  It is sad that some of them grow up to be president.
I never expected that.