A relaxing moment

Written by: Dave Timperley

A bright yellow butterfly fluttered by,
It's delicate flight caused me to sigh.
A lizard pops up every day in the morn,
On the back fence it has a long yawn.
I know how it feels as I sit and ponder,
Slow life down to enjoy, before I go up yonder.
Worked hard all my life, tripping over its boulders,
It's time to take the yoke from my shoulders.
Pot a few plants to give our garden some colour,
Without our efforts, out there would be duller.
Have a spot of lunch to stop a growling belly,
Then it's me to the veranda and Fran to her telly.
Now I sit,cool glass by my side and kindle in hand,
We relax, take a few deep breaths, and say
Ee my love ain't life just grand.
© Dave Timperley 24/07/2019