Beautiful Sadness

Written by: Gregory R Barden

“Thin, I think, that fabric between realities. Maybe minds aren't lost. Maybe they just slip through and find a different place to wander.”  - C.J. Tudor


I shan't yet my dear father find
          For age has robbed him of his mind
               He works at grasping from the air
     The careful tasks that are not there

One time his life was quite precise
          No straining Id no hooking vice
               Integrity worth brags and boasts
     Yet now he sits engaging ghosts

It's strange that I can I find it odd
          For never did he once applaud
               A deed or act that gave me pride
     (Oh true it crushed me deep inside)

I struggled so to reach the man
          While all our courses empty ran
               But as I begged to be his friend
     Too great the distance in the end

I'll never know this man you see
          Though few I love as dear as he
               For tho' his best was not enough
     He taught me love by being tough

So now his spark has up-and-gone
          This brilliant man I hoped upon
               No grace is his this sad goodbye
     No answer mine the question ... why?!?

~ 1st Place ~  in the "Writing Challenge 2, July 2019 - Melancholy" Poetry Contest, Dear Heart, Judge & Sponsor.