A Run on Dandelions

Written by: Caren Krutsinger

Dandelions are in short supply the news station warned us.
If you have not had your immunizations it might be too late.
There is a limited supply since people started to eliminate
dandelions from their yards.

A wise group of millennials figured out that dandelion oil 
is a fast cure for some cancers, shingles, and ALS.
The doctors vaccinated the sports stars first.
The movie stars were next.

How soon do you think the vaccine will get to us? 
Cousin Heb asked me.
Not sure, I replied, but we have dandelions in our yard.
Maybe it would help speed things up if I donated them.
I called the dandelion dream team and told them about my yard.

They were there in a day and a half, grabbing up dandelions
The way eight-year-olds grab up colored Easter eggs.
Here is a receipt for 6, 132 dandelions, the driver told me.
A check will be mailed shortly. 

I do not want a check, I want the vaccine, I told him.
Sure, sure, he said, nodding his head, pretending to agree.
I have called their headquarters eight times this week.
I guess the answer is that commoners are not getting the vaccine.