A call to order

Written by: Israel Osinfade

Arise O Compatriots
The time is near when we head for the ballots
The time when we decide for a new revolution
Or maybe another time to renew corruption

Genocides birthed out of hatred everywhere
Many voices are silenced out of fear
And all day long, we pray
Who shall save the day

Our leaders who we once voted into power
Have soon forgotten to empower
They promised us electricity
Yet we still face lingering scarcity

Lawlessness and perverseness, unavoidable frivolities
And our communities are deprived of basic amenities
They promised to help our plight
But refused to fix our light
Oh yes this has been our cry all day
But wait a minute, there's still more to say

I know you want to point fingers too
But think about this, what about you
I wish every man can stick to his own wife
Maybe we can end family strife

I wish the small girls with big god
Can work with their hands and trust God
Little rainfall, overflowing gutters
An opportunity to inflate fare for the commuters

Religious standards and beliefs are compromised
While many lives are being jeopardized
No matter what it takes, we will give
When we are done, we shall ask God to forgive

When we get to church, let's talk holiness
But when the service's over, it's worldliness
Even the devil will torment you with poverty
When all we are been taught is spirituality

The country's economy has not helped us
So we are on a get-rich-quick course
And if the so-called leaders are failing
Who will then rise and heed to our wailing

Think deep, again I say take heed
Lest things fall apart and we can't recede
Who are we really to blame here
Or what will you do if you get there

Every sector, corruption has hit
No wonder some will have to struggle to eat
We all have a unique opportunity to make things new
Only if our minds we decide to renew

Let those who love education study to be approved
And those who prefer to learn trade endure when reproved
Let the bribes on the highways stop
So we won't have to fear while approaching the next bus stop

Let every angry man take a cool
For anger rests in the bosom of a fool
If they step on you, it's a mistake
Stop getting mad at every little thing for God's sake


And while we hope to reach a safe haven
Let's keep on praying to our Father in heaven
Let's return to the drawing boards
And do that which is right against all odds

But I believe if everything can be done in charity
We can together have our desired happy community
And positively influence humanity