All the Jerseys had a Nine on Them

Written by: Caren Krutsinger

Such a commotion this morning on my lawn
Way out, so I had to get closer to see what it was
At first I thought someone had left a bunch of colorful equipment out.
But then I noticed it was fast-moving, like blowing, rolling litter.
As I got close I saw it was sixteen cats playing football.
Wearing bright neon helmets of all different colours.
They wore jerseys too, with numbers, all ending in nine.

In honor of cats having nine lives I suppose.
They did not know much about football though.
Every one of them was trying to be the quarterback,
fighting over the ball, no defense whatsoever.
And why were they all wearing different colored jerseys and helmets?
I sat in a lawn chair and watched. Wondering about this weird game.

It was not a football. It was a giant catnip ball.
They were all rolling and jumping.  A feline frenzy.
They had so many pile ups, I began to laugh.
None of them noticed. They were in the throes of the catnip catch.
I gave them a wide berth, returning a few hours later to pick up their debris.
Most of their jerseys were off. Some were still wearing helmets.
They were lying in an upside down huddle, in a variety of contorted positions.
I tiptoed away quietly.
Not wanting to disturb their cat naps.