My Blood Calculated

Written by: Devotchka Lovingrace

My blood calculated 
The width and diversity of my body
My hopeless spirit level
My anchor placing sunken paws
Into the grips of the dirty earth.

I have grown like good stock
And unhinged myself of 
My restraints and set foot
Before foot and conquored a gait.
My body all the while
A little box
Full of grey bric-a-brac.

I have manipulated my mouth
To mutter animal sounds
And pieces of precious code
That the others can understand.
These pictures fluctuate and flutter
Painted inside my head
A screen of endless manufacture 
And invisible machines which
Surely stand higher than a god.

My blood calculated
And my evolution continues 
Locked and stifled 
On the sacred ancient ground
Where we bury our dead 
And build our cityscapes.