A tribute to Heather

Written by: concetta hardnett

"A Tribute to Heather "
It all started 38 years ago
December 11 
An angel was sent from heaven 
From the time she came out the womb
She was special , she was unique
she was a queen
she lit up the room with her self esteem 
growing up we knew 
that her heart was pure and true
Heather you gave us a view 
that most would never understand
a part of God's plan
that you are and I am so glad you made it this far
some days have been rough
it's been a battle
but you rode it 
like a horse on a saddle
you had strength 
that was stronger than a muscle
you had courage that could have been doubled
you had faith that things would get better 
you showed us you could wither through 
any kind of weather 
your spirit touched 
so many 
while you were here
even though you're physically gone 
your spirit feels so near
even though you had cancer 
you didn't let that be the answer 
you exceeded all of the above
showered us with love
the shirt off your back
you would give
with your life you so lived 
without you the puzzle is not complete
A woman who walked in Faith
regardless of her trials and tribulations
your amazing fight could never be replaced
A heart of Gold 
That was you 
It's time to dig a little deep 
For this battle you did complete
The life changing 
things you had to do
some days you didn't be feel like you were you
the chemotherapy, the radiation 
some days you would dread 
some days didn't feel like getting out of bed 
the loss of hair, 
sometime couldn't rest 
But know that God saw your best 
he gave you strength and gave you hope 
he said hold on Heather , continue to grab this rope
And so you did, you were an awesome mother to your kids
anything they needed and wanted you always gave 
to have you back I know they would trade 
you were a conquerer to your last breath
you were never selfish 
Never thought about self 
even with your health 
you never let it define you 
look to your left look to your right 
we are always behind you 
you ran the race , you walk for the cause 
you remained humble through it all 
 A great sister , a great mother, a great daughter , a great cousin , a great neice ,a great friend
it hurt my ?? that your life here had to end 
during your 38 years on Earth 
you did so many things 
brought joy to our hearts 
fulfilled all your dreams 
had a smile so bright 
you glowed you gleamed 
HC Strong
that was your strength
that showed how you moved mountains 
pushed rocks, how you held on 
no it was never forgot
The Lord called your name 
And Heather you came 
And got your beautiful heavenly wings 
You fought to the end , and you fought the fight 
you let us know that you are alright 
you are watching over us all
and though you are not here in the flesh
you are resting beautifully up in the sky
and if you shall cry, cry tears of joy
for Heather made it to the kingdom
where she is no longer hurting 
she is at peace , even though our hearts are heavy, she wants us to continue to fight 
for she changed all our lives 
May the life you lived speak for itself 
and yours did 
You touch so many lives 
made so many people enjoy life 
with everything you always sacrificed 
you are physically gone 
In honor of 
HC Strong 
we will keep your  name and legacy alive 
and walk for the cause with pride 
we will miss you forever 
this is my tribute to you 
My Friend , Heather 

Written by: Concetta Hardnett