Written by: William Kekaula

YOUNGER: The truth be told
     why would I do
     what you suggest
     put on your shoe
     and take a quest

Just look, behold
     my tattered shoes
     Hush Puppies they'd be
     naught bark nor snooze
     so why pick me

OLDER: You talk so bold
     of how little I have known
     old am I, naught a child
     aged I am and much I've sown
     my shoes gone more than a mile

YOUNGER: I'm in the cold
     for me to know your life to be
     wear your shoes as you've asked
     walk a mile, naught you just me
     your trials revealed, in this arduous task

My soul I sold
     for what do I care his life to be now
     I've walked the mile and it revealed
     his new shoes, to me he did endow
     faraway, much he taught and yielded

Date: 06/10/2019