Harmless Foe

Written by: Christine Phillips

White old men are kind
White old men are divine
White old men are my brothers
White old men are inviting me to supper
White old men are my dream
White old men are very clean
White old men want to kiss my lips
White old men want me to suck their dicks
White old men said that my bed is empty
White old men said that I am hot and ready
White old men said that they are horny
White old men said that their wife is corny
White old men said that I make them come alive
White old men said that they have the vibes
White old men said that they have a lot of stamina
White old men said that I must join them for supper
White old men said that they will move me along
White old men said that they know where I stand
White old man desires me
White old men said that they can set me free
Here I am standing the test of time
Here I am trying to fulfill what is mine
I could not understand why some things happen
And the distance that I have to travel
I have been working hard form day to day
Hoping that something good would come my way
But here I am today with some old men standing in my way
Hard face are staring at me through the window
Grey beards and untidy moustache
Stained tobacco teeth staring at me through the looking glass
White old men bellowing at me through the open door
White old men pressuring me to give them more
White old men dressed in grey suits
Gather around the destruction table getting ready to shoot
They are betting on the next horse in the concourse
White old men are calling me
White old men want to dance with me
I still cannot get over this heavy feeling
The white old men still have me reeling
I am still standing in the middle of it
And I just cannot get over it
Tears are streaming down my face
And they tell me that I am big disgrace
White old men are speaking into my face
My heart is growing and my spirit is burning
Every time I come upon the same situation
And confronts the exact agitation
Village of old white men surround me
Mapping out my imminent destiny
They hang out in bars and corridors
They meet in clubs and private den
And flatter themselves with gin and tonic,
They frown at me with a naked grin
They make fun about me  
And gossip about my incompetency  
I have worked with them for thirty years
I have studied their ways and I know their years
I know their plans and this is the reason why we can get along
White old men are the life of the party 
If you don’t drink with them you have no destiny 
Every time they make a pitch I have to hold up my dish
I have to honor their mandate
Or I will not have a date and they will push me through the gate
They make the decisions even when they are wrong
Their mandate is flying high in the sky
And sometimes they make me want to cry
White old men want to get rid of me
White old men do not like me
I have broken the white old men’s rule
And they tell me that I made them look like a fool
Their greed is bouncing in the sky
And their friends and neighbors are shouting  
The only way I could survive the late night party
Was to follow their mandate to make them happy
They made me drove out the immigrant before it was too late
Some of the things that they made me do were not fun
But I did it because I wanted to get my breakthrough
I forced myself to do some of the things
 to appease old white men’s sins
I sat at their dinner table and watch them eating meat
While they pull and drag women under their feet
They do not like women in power 
Unless they can run naked in the wheat field and scream
I am no stranger to this type of treatment
I have experience it everyday
 But in a solitary and peculiar way
White old men prey upon vulnerable women
While they are holding their guns and  the bible
Old white men faces are cute
Old white men are getting ready to shoot
From the conception of time
Everyone say that life is divine
Old white men have bear faces
Old white men are still struggling with the races
I have traveled around for a long time
And I have seen a lot of faces
White faces
Black faces
Blue faces
Red faces
Green faces
Brown faces
Yellow faces
Round faces
Straight faces
Happy faces,
Painful face
Angry faces
Faces tied up in anguish and desperation
Faces that span way back in time
And face that says you are mine
How much more do we have to remember?
A group of old whites men waiting for supper
They play the card game and bet on  race horses
They dine in common places
They seduce young girls and struggle with older women
Old white men owns the biggest clubs
Old white men hang out in night clubs 
Old white men are rich tycoon
You must meet old white men at noon
Old white men are the talk of the day
But the time has come when old white men
Will no longer stand in your way
Old white men are going away.