Aesthetic fille

Written by: Hafala Hajara

I’m drifting away from who I once was
Being a quick silver,
Turning into a hypocrite
Carping about the sense of becoming void
And contorted of turning pedantic

But then I sense a chime
A drone reminding me of the propaganda
Realising I dispelled all those lovely carnations
Turning into an irreverent and impertinent snob

After all this, I must profess
I’ve kept a clandestine detail
I am an assassin to my own optimism
Because my conscience was rumpled,
Unlike the rest of the race

I am obligated to emulate the civilisation
Remain a stitch among many others
Embedded on the same fabric
Pierced with an identical needle into the fancy work

However, forth with I’m determined
To distort into an insurgent soul
To stand out of the counterfeit
Whose deeds are ditto of every mortal

Though petrified and vulnerable
I must proclaim
I will give solace to my entranced spirit
By embellishing my ordeals
And rummage through the potentials

I will elicit every sounding,
And forge every refrain
At no time relinquish my sauntered footpath
And yearn for evermore