Not to Show Off One's Learning

Written by: Chaim Wilson

Not to Show Off One's Learning
(?? ???? ???? ???????)
Instead Self Effacing, B'Tz'nyus,
Otherwise, Imbibe Drink of Ego,
Schnapps in Shrinking Hollowness,
Rather Honor Your Fellow,
Not Me! Nor Mine! but Togetherness,
Elevate Your Jewish 'Bro,
B'Nai Yisroel Cholent Finesse!
Refrain from Preemie Torah,
Too Much, Too Early, Infatuation,
Better Nurture & Ripen in Aura,
Even Rav Chaim of Volozhin,
Was Refused by the Gra,
For Yetzer HaRah was in Suspicion,
'Til a Year of Reflection in Awe,
Passed, Then Yes! from the Vilna Goan!