Echoes of God

Written by: L. J. Carber

I sometimes find myself listening for God's footsteps
as He treads softly, oh, ever so softly round about me....

I sometimes find myself wanting to shake God's hand...
gently--lest my own hand be crushed....

I sometimes find myself wanting to give Him a big bear hug,
wrapping my arms around the endless warmth of Divinity....

I sometimes find myself wanting to talk with God, to have a most
pleasant and low-key chat about the meaning of life and death,
and why exist both good and evil....

But I can't, I know: how could anyone survive touching God, or 
even hearing His infinite voice? It would be safer to climb a 
high-tension pole and reach out, to put my bare hands on the wire
as 50,000 volts course through my body and my soul is expelled.

It's longing for Him, to hear, to feel, to touch, to see
the Lord of All the Worlds....

I suppose I should be happy just hearing the echoes of God in 
the rhythm of rain or the songs of birds or the giggles of kids 
as they play in their own world.

And I am happy to hear His echoes.