Unending Aspiration

Written by: priti mohanty

The day will come when you will be here,
With lots of achievements and fame and dare,
To get more and more will inspire you everyday,
In the scorching heat and gaudy gay.

Your dream will never be apart from you,
It could be hardly achieved by some or few,
I know my son, you are one of them,
My part, my luck and my precious gem.

God will never let your hard work go in waste,
You have been sacrificing a lot, you childhood, your taste,
I pray to God, May you achieve everything soon!!!
I am tired of living without you during Sun and Moon.

When you will achieve that you desire,
Your dream, your hope and unending aspire,
I will be sure that my job has been done,
Will happily say 'Good Bye', now it's your TURN!!!