Written by: Lee Steemson

cancer, the evil little thief, the very last nightmare, the giver of grief, your really not wanted, in this world of ours, a drain on this lifestyle, a taker of powers, you think your the best, you think your so strong, let me say this, your so ing wrong, see we’ve made this army, we’re coming for you, your days are numbered, your practically screwed, just give it some time, and you’ll see it’s true, we’re so full of hate, we’ve saved it for you, you’ve been here too long, you’ve made us all cry, and now it’s our turn, to make you say bye, we’ve studied your ways, and seen where you go, our very first fight, it made you slow, but we all got stronger, we became one, my Nan, my mother, my friend and my son, you actually help us, you bring us together, you once were a flame, but now your a feather, a taker of lives, that never were yours, the thief and the evil, and closer of doors, why do I waste words, dedicated to you, the words in this rhyme, are so very true.