Hid 'Em Up

Written by: Nick Trim

Dancing to Sisqo 
like a dad at a disco
that ain’t the diss though
you’re a straight up pissed ho
handbag on the dance floor 
where your sandbag tits fall
straps see you trip fool
your ugly face hit sore
wake up toothless
seeking a toothbrush 
though it be useless 
what a flipping doofus 
go home harbour a criminal 
brain damage acts horrible
talking his world of bull
so thick you believe the tool,
keep mans away and hidden
they’re out to get rid of him
swears on his kid again
but the kid don’t remember him,
causes trouble is he worth it
when all say he deserves it
pause, think, is he nervous?
6 foot under the surface,
when you’re just a pissed ho
out to dance at a disco
now granting a wish so 
this dreg ain’t a missed bro.