let the current take you

Written by: Kerry Bernatchez

when its too dark
too dark to see
just follow the beat of my heart
and it will lead you back to me

when the river's current sweeps you away
and you feel you're going under
just lay on your back and watch the trees sway
and let the wind carry you past the sounds of thunder

i can paint you a world where you are safe
a world where you are free
to explore alone this wild new place
or to walk a while with me

i know i left without a sound
no goodbye no farewell
i left you alone to fight the hellhounds
and to fall into the wishing well

but look into my eyes so green
and you will see i am not just keen
there is no envy to be seen
just a love that's always been. 

you can have the time you need
to fight the dragon in your head
you can always stop to rest in this bed
and maybe take a leave

many miles between us lay, 
but that wont stop heartbeats in sync
i know all the words you cannot say
maybe we still have that strange link