Nature at the movies

Written by: douglas pederson

Places to go, bird of a view
It’s a choice, for just a few
In the fields or at the pond
At either spot, you will bond

Early to be, for coming day break
Dawn gives way, across the lake
Curtains are opened, life sets the stage
Come in, be seated, begin to engage. 

Nature in place, feature is about to begin
Sounds of music, you will often hear again
Casting is modified, color now in high definition
It will be redone, with a slight rendition. 

Take your spot, ride with the sleigh
Enjoy the show, you’ll see what may
Lots of action, there are no fears
Show has gone on throughout the years

This feature is classified as a premier
First showing will be what does appear
True to life which you will see
that nature is truly our reality.