Long distance phone call

Written by: douglas pederson

Been waiting for fifteen minutes to connect my call
Not sure if the location code is known.
Keep getting invalid number please try again
What’s up with this phone?

Oh, I hear some progress in the line communicating.
Hope it’s not just a third party line,
I heard a click like someone picked up
Hi mom and dad are you both fine?

I just called to say I miss you both
Have not heard from you in awhile.
Sorry that I can see you but I can hear
Just imagine that I am sending you my smile.

This call is long distace but that’s okay with me
I won’t have to pay as I reversed the charge!
I’m doing fine but I gained some weight
My clothes don’t fit, so I will have to get extra large.

Ido miss your visits and the home cooked meals
Those were especially scrumptious treats you made
I know that food would spoil if you sent it now
and letters would not be sent unless it’s prepaid.

But I won’t keep you as I know you have gardening to do
Must be a cribbage board with pegs which dad is leading?
so I will hang up now, I’ll call again sometime
When I tap on your grave, hug me…it’s what I’m needing.
Oh…  I watered the flowers before you…..