Todays Thoughts

Written by: Tom Wright

Today’s Thoughts Written: by Miracle Man 5-8-2019 Morning quiet time whisks me to another time, Two years past, at the worst six months of my existence. On November 15th 2017 came Severe Spinal Stenosis surgery, On December 27th 2017 I survived Open Heart Surgery for the “Widow Maker”, Then three days later, on New Years Day 2018 I became One of the eight percent Who survive Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Doctors who previously had told my wife, there was very little hope, Because there were just too many things going against me, (I went from sixteen bags on a drip frame, to One, in seven days.) And Doctors Began referring to me as Miracle Man, The Protected One, And even Lazarus. It isn’t because “I’m a Tough Old Bird” (Though I’ve always thought I was) But through the prayers of others, and skillful Doctors that God had blessed. God intervened because there are things I still must do for HIM. Now, though I still possess the same keys, The doors that I once negotiated without effort, I find the locksmith has changed the locks. Thank You Jesus for loving me. Tom