A Willowy wisp

Written by: Rose Henderson

A Willowy wisp of nights dark scent
My Rose colored glasses have loss their tint
Love came and I wish I could say has went
But loves not like that no matter it's intent

It came and brought me smiles and laughter
Not so much now that it's after
Wisdom I gained at least I'm not dafter
Altho again there is no happily ever after..

I learned that you can't love enough for two
I learned that love must mean the same to them as it does you
I learned that even when angered you must not come unglued
I learned that just because you love doesn't mean love is due

I learned that lies become scars that can't be erased
I learned that broken hearts can't just be replaced
I learned that emotion doesn't disappear without a trace
I learned that love is a waste

I learned to not run from nor hide
Let my mouth speak and my heart guide
I learned all knots are not tied
I felt love hurt and I cried

Today I am better then months before
Now emotions I don't shrink back from and ignore 
They've ripped my inside snagged and tore
A heart that is bruised and broken becomes quite sore
Dreams fade as reality comes  ashore

Now as night fades to day
I must realize and walk away
Before the scars bring decay
What more is to be said what more can I say