It's Friday Night

Written by: Christine Phillips

It is Friday and cars are rolling down the street
It is Friday and I can feel your heart beat, 
I know that you are thousands of miles away
 My spirit is yearning so come and meet me halfway
When you hear the sound of the drums I want you to come
Every now and then I stop to think about what you are doing
Are you drinking tea with him and watching a boring quiz? 
Or are you going over the notes or brushing your coat?
Come on its Friday, take a long soak in the tub and have a glass
Of red wine for fun, watch an action movie or do something that will make you happy. We are distance apart but you are always in my heart
It’s Friday and here I am sitting on top of the concrete wall in front of the hotel, this place has experience the latest hell, its wall are
A testament of the truth and I can feel its past misery through the
Mirror of my soul. Young girls come here to get laid and missionary stop by to pray, old guys cheats on their wives adding much fury to the golden skies. I can hear virgins screaming as they wet their bodies in ecstasy and horny couples romancing in their dreams. 
The goddess of love curled up in the corner with her breast protruding from the altar and the fish wrapped around her chest
Watching you undress, she swims deep in the ocean
And creates a sudden commotion
Women seducing women, men seducing men
And the chicken jumping around with the heated hen
It all happened not too far from me in the hotel bed 
Amidst all of what is going on, I am sincere to the depth of my heart although the space is empty next to me I can feel you
 Lying beside me and that makes me happy
It is Friday and the city is still reminiscing from its own punishment, it has finally come to the acknowledgement
of its fraudulent accomplishment, and now it is reeling with embarrassment  
It is Friday and the city is changing its gears so you better be prepared, no sidewalks no pedestrian crossing, I have to wait for half an hour to get to the other side of the street because the road work is incomplete and traffic is  constantly pouring down the street
Right across me a tall black woman sits proudly in a bell foot pants
And occasionally glancing at me. She is babbling away on the phone as if no one is around. Suddenly some people from the project gather around, and start spreading a contagious fever on the ground. They took the brawl inside the hotel and another woman with a louder mouth start to raise hell. The managers raise her hand and calm her down. It’s Friday, and they are putting up a fight
Big concert mixer trucks join the long que and traffic comes to a standstill. 
Nothing is moving but the smart driver steers away from the back lane, and finally breaks-through the thick crowd,
 White bus, yellow cab, land rover, Jaguar, big cars little cars, SUV and motor bike propelling around the corner in an orderly manner
It’s Friday and I can see you sitting alone in that lonely room
The world is gazing at you, and I can hear you telling me that you are coming soon
The rain has just fell and cools down the temperature from hell
The narrow winding one way street wraps around the city with three lane traffic glued to one side and fourth lane smiling on other side 
Everyone is getting ready for the next chapter, people from the projects are joining the crowd and something in my belly is singing and shouting aloud
 Darkness suddenly fades away giving more power to the woman to celebrate a new day
It’s Friday night and  your joy is my delight.