Not my Choice

Written by: Brandy Nicole

Dear mom, dad -
keeper of my DNA,
it was not my choice to be conceived 
( these actions you are about to take,
     I never would have believed )

With you, I have placed my trust
- only to be, deceitfully deceived

I have no voice

If indeed you must,
     take my life

Before searching my face, with grace,
before attempting to hold my hand, 
          my tiny finger,
created by the Creator that created you too

( You don’t wish to linger )

If indeed you must,
    take my life giving breath

Before finding jewels in my eyes, 
    while singing soft lullabies
before watching me grow,
into the adult you will learn to love
     and in time, get to know  

    If indeed you must,
take my life giving breath,
  take me from this earth

Before having the chance,
        to meet you

Know that:  I loved you, before you loved me
        I will never know your love,
                   My Worth

 I have no voice 

    Your unborn child

   Just a little Scribble

~ Thoughts from the Heart ~
         Life is Precious

Thursday April 18th 2019- Poem of the Day

Author's Note-  This emotion lingered for days, in my mind and in my heart.  Upon my soul.  The words found me and were placed upon the page.  Many thanks for the support.  Blessings to all.