Who am I

Written by: GERT WEWEGE

Who am I

Everyday my thoughts exhaust me
My mind seems to be my enemy 
Who am I, why am I
Who am I supposed to be
Why can’t  I keep them loving me

Am I not enough just as I am
My mind says no, I’m to blame
I must be doing something wrong
That’s why they don’t stay long

I’m just not worth staying for
Coz they all walk out the door
Like I have an expiration date
It must be me, it’s my fate

Who am I, I need to know
I can’t love anyone 
Can’t take the blows
Am I unlovable, what’s wrong with me
They say I’m wonderful, then where is he

I give so much, I love too deep
I have nothing left, my heart feels weak
I’ve cried a thousand tears, but no more
Today I leave love behind, I close that door.

Who am I, why am I ??