By The Water's Edge

Written by: Emile Pinet

As a sanguine sun slowly starts to sink rubicund ribbons render ripples pink. And where a Midas moon mirrors its face bobbing bronze beams begin to take their place. As drifting darkness drowsily descends beyond art, a star-studded sky transcends. And wave wrinkled waters washing ashore form frothy foam tops the seagulls adore. Soft silken sands soon swarm with crawling crab that the tide, tethered to the moon, can’t grab. A featureless fog forms from drops of mist fetching faint feelings of just being kissed. Now night navigates through the tides of day inking indelible shadows that stay. And as ebony engulfs everything, coral clouds corral the moon in a ring. (Alliteration) 03,25,2019 Pick A Title, Vol.3 Alliteration Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Edward Ibeh (Tittle Chosen: By The Water's Edge)