Water Flow

Written by: Charlie Baker

Water Flow

Immense cascading waterfalls, deafening sound
Strong whirlpool beneath, mist swirling around
The torrent river below, flowing violently, so swift
Within it’s wake, carrying within it, all that floats adrift

Erosion of once fortified river bank, rocks and trees
Force of the ebb, constantly changing angle and degrees
Rapid flowing river, seeing the white caps within it’s wake
Enveloping all that the waterfalls can give and forsake 

Further down the river, her strength and fury subsides a bit
Ever flowing, a new destination, her quest never submits
Turns into a long lazy river, flowing through valleys and plains
Flowing throughout all seasons, whatever all weather contains

The river meets the mighty lake, takes all she can pour in
And replenishes all the water that has evaporated within 
This steady cycle ensures the survival of many things
Clean water is essential, giving the life blood it brings