The Sad Tragic Tale of Dennis Lloyd Martin

Written by: Michael Wise

His parents' worst nightmare that left them disheartened
is the sad tragic tale of Dennis Lloyd Martin

On a family outing at Cades Cove park
Dennis, his brother and some friends on a lark

Playing hide and go seek as they always had
well within sight of their grandpa and dad

The father was watching them horsing around
and he saw, that behind a bush, Dennis ducked down

And that was the last he would ever be seen
From the face of this Earth he had vanished so clean

The father ran frantically to and fro
to discover just where his young son might go

But his disappearance is so sad and twisted
it's as if little Dennis had never existed

The horrors began in the midst of Spence Field
with the little boy's whereabouts remaining concealed

And so many clues were washed right down the drain
with the horrible timing of a hard-driving rain

But the searching commenced, stretching days into weeks
every square inch was currycombed, valleys and peaks

Some of the searchers were Green Berets
but they went their own way, looking for days

Later came word from a family named Key
Their story bizarre, as you will soon see

At Roan Creek they were hiking, that beautiful stream
when they suddenly heard a bloodcurdling scream

And they saw a man or a thing running wild
toting a bundle, that might be a child

And the time they had seen this was hours removed
from when Dennis went missing, it would later be proved

But their story was never once seriously taken
Authorities dismissed them as likely mistaken

Despite this large manhunt with hundreds involved
this sad disappearance would never be solved

It seems there were clues that were largely ignored
and leads never followed, as if searchers got bored

In the ensuing years since the search was conducted
the parents believe that their boy was abducted

By someone or something that lured him away
and perhaps he was murdered that very same day

Are there crazy people living out in the wild
who wouldn't think twice about stealing a child?

Who would imagine that something so dark
could take place on a beautiful day in the park?

What happened to Dennis may never be known
It's dangerous out in the woodlands alone

Well, only that child, and the unseen force
that took him away knew what happened, of course

It's been fifty long years since that terrible time
for that family a day without reason or rhyme

I warned you this story would only dishearten
and thus ends the sad tale of Dennis Lloyd Martin