Written by: Brian Pierre-Alexander

SSPWBIA - Someday soon, Poetry would be in Acronyms
LOL - Laugh out loud
BAG - Busting a gut 
WYBAG - With your big applaudable grin
WE - Whatever
WABOC - What a bunch of crap 
YMS - You might say
TIITYT - This I introduce to you today
LBOS - Little bit of swagga 
LBOSW - Little bit of sway
AIPIHTS - Acronyms in Poetry is here to stay
IWHWI - Inspired with humor and witty imagination
SMBGU - Splendor, mind bubbling, grand unification
NTPWADF - New type Poetry with a different flow
AAP - Always a pleasure
GTG - Got to go
ACD - Alt Control Delete

Beep, beep, beep, speed

©Copyright January 2013 by Brian Pierre-Alexander
© All Rights Reserved