Odd Story ii

Written by: Piercing Words

Damn it's G,
Yes I'm him: El or him
That's what she said,
But she ain't sad
Switching switches,
And Fused Light bulbs
Twisted turning tables,
In Dead living rooms-
Thou shall know what weird is:

Peeking through tiny wholes 
Beams of light emanating in-
Front of my eyes,
Reflecting my soul,
Casper wound me-
about the other side:
Strange people chasing odd dreams
Cause corporates took the G:
Sold it to phantoms, 
Now they think that they are G's...
And Truth be told,
Body is matter: the pastor's black robe, 
White collar reflect enlightening words 

More sun little rain,
Dried up lands, over flooded oceans
Big ships but no shipments,
Lack of trade due massive sales:
Greedy wolves with no packs
Suffering from old age, 
No alpha's and omegas
Just writers writing bootlegs,
Hoping to put full stops-
So the madness would end,
Recorded as legends
Cause the characters found there lost boot,