Colors of Spring

Written by: Frances Schiavina

The last snow of winter
blown by the wind
bares the gray
of branches to the sun
pregnant with buds.
Is it spring?

Testing spring 
torpid from the winter
sleepy tiny buds
hesitant of the wind
search for the sun
between stalks of gray

A flash of red among the gray
a robin singing spring 
drinking the sun
snow melt of winter
unfettered by the wind
shaking the buds

Softens around the buds
warmed by the sun
the frozen clay of winter
helped by the gray
showering clouds of spring
and milder wind

With gentler wind
and warming sun
the colors of spring
unfold in the opening buds
after the long gray
days of winter

Good-bye winter winds
Gray days without sun
Hello new buds of festive spring