What is Man

Written by: Wanda Daugherty

What is Man?

Do we fade at death like a flickering flame;
Extinguished in the night? 
A pebble swept away into the boundless ocean;
Lost forever in the deep?

Is our voice forgotten?
Like a solitary bird who sings at twilight,
To announce the coming night.
While always hidden from our view.

Are our deeds, however kind;
But useless castles built upon the sand;
Only to be swept away as the tide returns again, 
In it's eternal circuit?

Is love's sweet fragrance but a whisper on the wind?
Imagined like a passing dream.
Are Heros lost, and courage vain,
As blood is spilled upon the sand?

But could it be that we are more?
More by far than we are bound to know.
Could it be, oh dare we ask?
That a divine destiny resides in crumbling flesh?

That one, far larger and greater than ourselves.
Once paused and breathed upon our silent form.
The cosmos rang and Angels danced.
As for a moment, we were kissed  by God.