Enclosed Rhyme

Written by: Joyce Johnson

This enclosed rhyme is not my way.
Its normally A B A B,
The style was not left up to me,
But no one told me what to say.

Dictated style and my own words,
Should not be difficult to do.
I'm trying hard to pleasure you,
Accompanied by songs of birds.

Canaries trill their melodies,
While I chew on my pencil end.
I hope you like my words, my friend,
So very much, I want to please.

Early and dark when I arose,
But happy on this page to find
Your contest for my still fogged mind.
I sat to write in my night clothes.

Coffee in my cup, growing cold,
I warm it in my microwave,
So thankful  I am not a slave
To the clock now since I am old.

Written: 1/22/2019

Contest: Enclosed Rhyme contest
Sponsor: Emile Pinet