to know, to feel

Written by: tamer hossam

the worst battle is between what you know and what you feel 
if my life was a jar 
if my life was a painting 
if I was to paint 
if i was free to draw 
the distance between the feeling and the know 
some may  see the jar half full 
some may see the jar half empty 
between what the mirror reflects and what the eye detects 
leaving the collage of the core 
in my skies some do soar 
in my seas some escape the drown and swim 
in my bottomless bottom some dissolve, an eternal ode to a distant horizon, to a distant rim 
birds and fishes , some sailors never see the sea so down below doing the busy doin the dishes 
a collage behind my eyes 
lonely sighs on wings of wonder some trade wings for fins and swims and some flies 
Tamer Hossam