Degrees of excellence

Written by: David Smith

Once upon a time someone without a clue,
I don't know who,
Don't think it was you,
Came up with an idea out of the blue.

A degree for everyone was the cry,
So, they can have a better view of the sky,
And a bigger piece of the pie,
Before they die.

Even those who should have had a clue,
Admittedly only a few,
Thought what harm could it do,
If the word was true,
And the set up costs few.

Now thanks to someone without a clue,
I don't know who,
We are all in a stew,
As we try to make do,
To pay off loans now due,
To those who knew,
That degrees were only of value to a few.

A sad tale indeed,
That did nothing for those in need,
And everything for short term greed.

Is there any hope for a better view of the sky?
For those who aren't shy,
About asking why.

The answer to that lies with those who employ,
That treated every worker like a toy,
To rethink that ploy.
And their resources better deploy,
If increased production, they plan to enjoy.

There is still one question that remains,
From which I will not refrain,
Do I need a degree if it starts to rain?
The only answer I can come up with,
Is, I no longer have a clue, 
Except how long it will take me to save up for an umbrella,
 may help me decide what to do.