Unspoken Words

Written by: Ramona Harden

Why do I let myself want things I cannot have. Dream things that will never be. Will I always hurt for eternity? I want a love that will last forever yet I'm stuck in this life of displeasure. So I walk in the shadows of my desires wanting my heart to be filled with fires instead it grows cold from the darkness loneliness brings.And how I need more then that one night fling. My soul only fills with more sadness as I reach out to touch your face. How you must look at me with such disgrace but the light I see in your eyes and the smile you always have it calls to me and unfortunately I carry my heart on my sleeves. So dear lover I know we may not share the same dreams but this I do plea please be kind to me when you leave. Because I'm nearly a woman who's words on paper are spoken and yes my heart can be very much broken.