The Key Hole Ghost

Written by: Pixie Dust

It was New Years Eve so they decided to have a special dinner for two 
they ate spinach, noodles, and ham with a dab of orange mustard glaze 
red candles burned softly on the linen cloth, as the old year flew     
They watched Alice in Wonderland  with the fireplace ablaze ;
At 8, he made a nice espresso coffee with Bailey and served it hot 
with lemon filled panettone.  It was a lovely middling snack. 
She tried to keep her eyes open
but the night was gloaming with umbra 
so she went upstairs and faded into sleep 
dreaming of spells plasma and levitations 
Try as she may, the knowledge of New Year was far away until 
exactly midnight then, 
RATTLE RATTLE (went the doorknob) It woke her from her sleep
"Happy New Year" she said half sleepy to a silent door. She assumed
it was hubby entering the room. Hubby was still downstairs messaging.
"I saw her through the key hole she was fast asleep. I checked 
on him. He was sitting on a couch waiting for midnight. I figured 
I better get her up, so I jiggled the doorknob loud enough to wake her.
It wasn't very hard for she slept like a hollow egg shell. " 
RATTLE RATTLE went the doorknob.  By morning she realized her 
visitor must have been an alien from outer space.  She combed her 
hair, washed her face then with coffee perched on a desk wrote a
true story. The first one on poetry soup. (smile) Ghosts are real. 
If you believe it, you see it , if you don't, you won't . 
and yes, it was a real good meal.... 

January 1, 2019
contest name: Slap the muse and turn it loose