You Did Not Hear Me Horse and House

Written by: Caren Krutsinger

I will have a million monies when I grow up.
I have to make more monies. You can make monies?  Sure.
How? You mean you do not have a money-making machine at your house?
Two kindergarteners, in my office, playing.

Holy, moley, guacamole.
Hey, that’s a rhyme! I can rhyme too. Horse and house.
They don’t rhyme.
You did not hear me! HORse and HOUse.  They rhyme.

You are a crazy daisy.
Hey that rhymes!  Loud fake shriek laugh.
You are funny!  Duck. Duck. Goose. Another rhyme.
What about Frosty the Snowman?  Begins to sing now.

Money, honey, funny! Giggle, laugh, giggle.
Hey! Don’t touch that! What is it? A Hollipop Lollipop.
Here is some more money. This is a hundred million thousand
Monies, and I am keeping it. 

At this point, I am highly interested, disappointed it is only
A bunch of red and white legos.  Hey! This is a baby elephant.
Looks like a frog. Laugh! I’m a frog! Ribit! Ribit!

I’m going to make a power. You mean a tower. No. I mean power.
Hey is this a turd horse? I look up, wondering for a second. 
Hey! Let’s make a tunder storm!
Yes! Tree horses! One! Two! Tree!  One starts after the other 
one’s tower. Uh-oh.

Loud laughter!  Hey!  I catched that before it fell over. 
The builder who cries at the thought of an infraction, looks up hard.
I am expecting a sobbing concert.
Instead he holds up a tiny gray cat and says, This is a killer mouser. 
They have their arms around each other as they skip back to tare room.