Written by: Judy Ball

He is a quiet, gentle man,
With a friendly, easy smile.
He's helpful and considerate,
Honest, without guile.

He works as the county game warden.
His family lives in the dell.
Well mannered, friendly, peaceful folk,
But no one knows them well.

If ever there is trouble,
He's there to set things right.
There is a strength within his eyes,
That no one wants to fight.

He came upon a man one night,
While out for his nightly run.
They looked into each other's eyes,\
And the stand off had begun.

They recognized each other,
As bitter enemies.
A vampire and a werewolf,
Beneath the moon and trees.

The wolf just preyed on animals,
As wolves are wont to do.
The vampire preferred human blood,
And the wolf was human too.

The vampire was new to the area,
But the werewolf called this home.
He'd guard, protect, defend this place,
If he had to fight alone.

They skirted one another,
Knowing they were evenly matched,
In strength and speed and fighting skill,
But there remained one catch.

A werewolf's bite could kill him.
The vampire knew this well,
So he bowed his acquiescence.
Where he went no one can tell.

The wolf returned to the village,
And his family in the dell,
Where he's known as a simple woodsman,
And he guards this place quite well.

In the still of the night when the moon is high,
It will give one's heart a start,
When he gives his call letting all things know,
There's a wolf pack in these parts.