Written by: Judy Ball

One day while working in my back yard,
I tripped and fell and hit the ground hard.

Backing up with the hose I tripped over a boulder.
I fell really hard and injured my shoulder.

Thought it would get better, it's just a bad bruise,
But it just got worse and I wasn't enthused.

I went to the doctor who said with a grin,
Well, my dear, seems you're at it again.

You've torn the muscles in your left shoulder.
You must be more careful 'cause you're getting older.

Heat treatments and therapy and pills for the pain,
The mobility's returning but no pain no gain.

Slow gentle stretches are helping it seems.
Oh where's that young girl who could do anything.

It happened in Summer now Winter is here.
How long will this last, forever I fear.

Don't feel like walking or playing with pets.
The less mobile I am the worse the pain gets.

It seems even writing's a thing of the past.
How long, oh how long, Lord, How long will this last.