the house by the tree

Written by: P.S. AWTRY

There was a happy couple I once knew 
who had a small house where a big oak grew.

'Twas a giant oak with limbs big and strong,
down near the coast where the moss hangs long.
What fun! There were swings in the oak so tall!
Swings for the grown folks and swings for the small!

The tree was a mansion, its moss chandeliers.
And on cool evenings throughout the years,
they had parties under that big old oak.
There was seafood, music, laughter, and jokes.

What a happy scene, the house and the tree.
But something in this world won’t let things be.
Experts were summoned, ‘cause the tree was sick.
They tried each remedy.   None did the trick.

The oak that once stood so stout and tall
was taken down, the moss, swings, and all.
That mansion of a tree is now long gone,
and the little white house stands alone.