Written by: Timothy Crim

The sunshine on the sand,
The snow that lights and lands,
The waving of the trees,
The rising of the sea,
The bird that flies along,
And sings its cheerful song,
The wreckless words and strife,
That rob you of your life,
Why do those people stay,
To turn and walk away,
Their long dark shadows grow,
And then are seen no more,
The reminiscing pain,
Will rise once more and then,
Be put back in your mind, 
To save for just that time,
When you feel strong and sure,
And wont feel insecure,
But shadows of the past, 
Will never rise to last,
Their power is broken down,
And thrown down to the ground,
Completely purged away,
To never rise again,
For Christs sweet cleansing blood,
Will make you strong and whole,
To stand against the pain,
And never fall again.