Every Now and Then

Written by: Susan Rigo

Every now and then, I think of days gone by
I remember long summer days, climbing in the hills
I remember warm nights, counting the stars in the sky
Things we did as children, not so long ago

Every now and then, I think of you
The eyes that seemed to look deeply into my soul
The smile that would keep me warm on a cool day
The silliness we were able to share without fear
The heartbreaks we suffered through as young lovers do
Things we did as young lovers, not so long ago

Every now and then, I remember those little faces
My children, who looked to me for everything
Those loving faces that thought I could do no wrong
Those little arms that would envelope me at a moment’s notice
The things I remember as a mommy, no so long ago

Every now and then, I remember how we grew together as one
The difficult times when I wasn’t sure we would make it through
The good times when I didn’t know what I would do without you
The tender moments alone, no words needed to be said
The things we did as we were growing older together

Every now and then I miss those days
I feel an urge to run outside in the rain
I yearn to sit up on the hillside and look over my world
For the scraped knees and the broken hearted moments
To swing you in the air and listen to your giggles
To love with reckless abandon

Every now and then I go back and visit those days
Now, we still have each other and with a little luck 
There will be many more now and then moments to share